Please read through the FAQ's below. Still have questions? Email us at hello@soiree.studio and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.


Do you ever offer sales or discounts?

No, we do not. Imagine paying $5,000 for a service, only to see it go on sale a month later. Not cool in our books. We also prefer to honor our work by keeping the integrity of the price.

We will almost always introduce a new offering at a beta price, which means that the price will go up at some specified time in the future. We do this because:

a) it takes more trust on the client's side to purchase a product or service that hasn't been fully tested and doesn't already have 500 reviews and testimonials.

b) Our skills just get better and more valuable as time goes on.

c) Inflation, lol.

What are the terms of the payment plans?

We offer customers the option of choosing to pay in full up front, or choosing to pay in installments by selecting Shop Pay installments at checkout.

You can choose between the following installment payment options at checkout:

  • Four, biweekly, interest-free payments, for orders from 50 USD to 999.99 USD.
  • Monthly payments for orders from 150 USD to 17,500 USD. Monthly installment orders are interest-bearing from 10 to 36% APR, and may be paid in three, six, or twelve months depending on the purchase amount.

Do you offer any other payment plans besides Shop Pay Installments?

Not at the moment. We understand that paying interest on orders over $999 might feel unfair to some folks, but we are a family-run biz with no investors or deep pockets so we can't take on the risk of not being able to collect on future payments by ourselves.

It also allows us to offer this service at this price and timeline because we aren't chasing invoices all the time.

Most creative agencies do not allow clients to have payment plans that extend beyond the life of the service (in other words - you would need to be paid up in full before your finished website is delivered), but Shop Pay installments allows you to pay way beyond your website delivery.

Silver lining? The entire cost of your service or product (including interest) is tax-deductible.

Can I see more of your work?

While it's true that we have a lot more website work out there than what we've shown in our portfolio, we believe that keeping our portfolio tight and limited to websites that we have worked on in the past year are the most relevant and reflective of our capabilities.

Can I hire you for custom web design or development?

Occasionally we open up slots for fully custom web design & development for projects that we feel SUPER aligned with. Custom sites command a lot more human capital and design vision and are thus priced accordingly starting at $25,000.

If you are a web designer and are interested in hiring us for white label development, please get in touch at hello@soiree.studio.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

Speaking from experience, it's always a good thing to sign a legally binding contract when you are exchanging money for services. It not only protects us as a small business, but it protects you as a consumer. It effectively spells out all the services and deliverables that we will provide for you in exchange for your payment.

Our contract is fairly industry-standard design/dev contract that we would use for any custom web project, with a few tweaks and inclusions specifically for the sprint-style service.

Once you book through our site and payment is received, we will send you our contract to sign and return to us within 72 hours.

If you would like to see a copy of our contract before purchasing, please contact us.

Trust the Process

How is this different than a custom website?

Trust the Process™ is a semi-custom, sprint-style, service where we design and build a website in 2 weeks that just feels so much more like your brand than any off-the-shelf theme that can be purchased from the Shopify theme store. 

There are different tiers of what a ‘custom’ Shopify site could be. Sometimes this could be a ‘headless’ site (these cost upwards of $50k so let’s not even talk about it), or (more commonly) it could be any existing Shopify theme that is stripped down to its bones and rebuilt/redecorated. Kind of like renovating a house. This is what we do when we develop a custom site. 

We spent the first two years of our business designing and developing custom sites. They typically take anywhere from 6 weeks and 6 months, and the process entails a lot of meetings, revisions, decisions, and back and forth. 

What we found is that not only are clients decision-fatigued and lose focus by the end, but that starting from zero — a totally blank slate, sky’s the limit process — doesn’t actually move the needle for clients in terms of conversion or storytelling. Long timelines and huge price tags just create a perfect storm for preciousness and control that actually don’t contribute to your ROI. 

We started Soiree Studio to rethink this process (we kind of like the street cred of being industry disruptors anyway). By pre-coding our own proprietary template with way more sections and functionality than any one client would ever need, we are able to start each project from “50% done” instead of “0% done”. In other words, its more a process of trimming down and re-styling rather than building everything from scratch. Additionally, starting with design constraints allows us to creatively challenge ourselves while saving everyone time and money.

It’s kind of like being on one of those cooking shows where the chef is given 5 ingredients to make a masterpiece from. If it’s a truly talented chef who is confident in their craft, they can of course do it. They don’t need 100 expensive ingredients - that’s what we mean by doing more with less. 

Do I get to see the design before you develop it?

Absolutely! In order to keep our process lean, we create initial web designs for the Homepage and Product page. These are the two pages that consumers spend the most time on, and therefore the two pages which factor into purchase decisions.

Once you approve the initial designs, we will take all the cool features, aesthetic, personality, and functionality that we dreamed up for these 2 main pages and repurpose them throughout the rest of the site during development. This not only saves us time (and you money) on having to mockup every.single.page on your website, but it also lends itself to a cohesive and easy-to-navigate website.

What if I'm not happy with the design?

Not to brag or anything, but thanks to our extremely detailed intake process, we pretty much always nail the design direction from the get-go! You are entitled to one round of revision requests. Revisions are generally limited to tweaks like sizing, moving elements up or down the page, colors, etc.

In the extremely rare event that you are not happy with the overall design (or just want a second option), you may purchase an additional design direction for a flat rate of $1000.

What if I want additional work (e.g. new pages added) after we work together?

We offer our past clients a la carte services such as design/dev for additional pages and biannual or quarterly website refreshes.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule before my start date?

Please refer to our refund policy to read about our policies for cancellation, refunds, and rescheduling.

Can you just update my existing website?

Nope! In order for this process to go smoothly, it's essential that we use one of our proprietary Shopify themes as a base. We've seen the code files of other designers/developers and it can be downright *scary* in there!

I feel a little nervous booking such an expensive service online. Can I talk to a human first to see if this is the right fit for me?

We totally understand! We opted not to make the industry standard of sales calls part of our process. It's not great for clients to feel that they are being sold to or to feel pressured to purchase anything. We would much rather write out all the info about our offerings online where you can read it 986765 times before you make a decision. (We know how charming and fun we can be on a zoom and we don't want that to sway your decision...jk....sorta).

TL;DR: everything we would tell you on a call is already in this FAQ section or on the product page (in fact, there is way more info here than what my neurodivergent brain could handle remembering on a call).

That said, we completely get the need to talk to a real human before making such a significant investment. If you want to set up a call, please use our contact form or email us.

How do I know if my branding/copy/imagery is up to par for this process?

Generally, we ask that you have professional branding, web copy, and photography before booking with us. Trust us when we say that it is very difficult to design a website without these foundational pieces. If you are unsure if what you have is workable, please email us at hello@soiree.studio so we can take a look at whatcha got.

Will I be able edit my own website when it's done?

Absolutely! We believe in setting you up with a totally sustainable website where you can freely update your images, products, text.

You will have the same amount of control over your site as you would if you purchased an off-the-shelf theme from the Shopify theme store. It will just look 1,000x better.

You will also be able to have control over the page layouts with the ability to duplicate sections, move sections up or down the page, add pages, and change color schemes.

We also include a library of video tutorials walking you through how to manage your new site. The only thing we don't cover is how to use Shopify in general, since Shopify has a lot of great tutorials covering more general how-to's already.