Erin is a self-taught web designer and developer with a design-thinking approach to e-commerce. Like a lot of multi-curious creatives, her path was not linear: she spent a decade as the founder of an award-winning skincare brand before pivoting into web design, where she became known for creating artistic and highly custom web experiences for her e-comm clients. 

I started Soirée with my husband and partner, Glen, after building my career on creating custom e-commerce sites. Having owned both a product-based e-comm brand and a service-based design agency, we found that brands were spending a lot of time and money on overly custom websites that were not contributing to their bottom line. On the flip side, we felt that creative service providers were selling services in inefficient and unscalable ways. There seemed to be a general separation of beauty (design) and function (conversion). We operate under the belief that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Our vision with Soirée is to help brands sell online in a much more efficient and sustainable way that acknowledges the humanity and emotional experience of buying and selling on the internet.